Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Global prosperity and the use of the quote “Ta panda rei" in the improvement of our daily life

Nowadays we observe in a global scale a continuous rise of warfare, immense pollution of the environment, the rise of poverty, the extinction of various species, the destruction of the flora and the Oceans. Furthermore the decadence of mankind could be expressed through the existence of outrageous child abuse, the pollution of Earth, warfare around Globe and many more other things which show intensely the degradation of the human kind. Most of the people become upset and sad with all these things. Nobody can remain untouched and unmoved. On the other hand, technology, consumism and the need for luxuries are developing with a “speed of light’’.
The Ancient Hellenic (Greek) cultural Legacy like philosophy which....READ MORE

We get influenced and we influence

We live in a society of information and globalization. With the expansion of the internet, a big part of our planet has become a kind of neighborhood where ideas, merchandise and any kind of product can be exchanged. It is inevitable therefore, for people to influence each other on a global basis. Another kind of interaction exists among people which...READ MORE

Self improvement and its use in our daily routine

It is generally known that man is a being which develops continuously. This means that it can be improved. Stillness is a kind of death. Spiritual stillness leads to a soul death. Therefore, when you work for your self-improvement, it means that spiritual movement...READ MORE

Meditation and its use

Meditation is basically an internal procedure through which you improve the quality of your life and develop your soul and spirit. There are many types of.....READ MORE

The effectiveness and the law of the numbers circle from 1 to 9.

According to Pythagoreans, everything in human life is driven by the law of the circle of 9, for example, a complete pregnancy lasts 9 months. Besides the numbers are from 1 to 9. Each number has a frequency and a vibration that is coordinated with the energy of the universe. Pythagoras, among others discovered and documented the relationship between numbers and the operation of the universe. Pythagoras also discovered the kind of......READ MORE

The power of faith.

What is faith? An emotion or logic? Faith is a lot of things. First of all faith is born from our need to make our dreams come true or to satisfy our needs, such as to have a success in our career or to heal an illness. Sometimes we believe in ourselves and some other times we believe in a superior power such as God. Among other things faith is a power which moves our existence. There is no faith without hope, without...READ MORE

Positive statements – Success

The words you use, are not said accidentally, every word you say is a statement. You may say that you want to succeed, but during the time you work on your project you may verbally and non verbally make negative statements. For example, before the project you say ¨I am sure I will succeed¨. But during the time you work on your project you may make negative statements, for example, might say ¨ will not make it or it is a very difficult task,it feels like climbing on a mountain¨.
In order to have success it is important t....READ MORE

My vision

The nomination of the higher- self through the enlightenment of the unconscious. The softening of...READ MORE